Filosofía Balm Micro

Micropigmentation specialists

Advised by the best Micropigmentation Artists

Balm Micro was born as a natural way of expanding the products of Delab Care, the laboratory with the widest range of products for the care of Micropigmentation. An intimate relationship with the Micropigmentation sector that has allowed the development of the widest range of products oriented to Micropigmentation.

We do not want to be another cream for the Micropigmentation sector. We want to form and expand our family. Spread our knowledge and improve your skin. We are the Micropigmentation Laboratory and we want to be yours.

Our catalog was born at the moment when a micropigmentor looked for the cream and could not find it. And since no man needs little, we develop it together with the most reputable professionals in the sector. A combination of micro-pigmenters, dermatologists and pharmacists formulated what is today the best cream that the micro-piggler looked for.

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