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The micropigmentation arises from the need of hundreds of people to find a permanent solution to the discomfort caused by makeup, the aftermath of a disease or the complexes inherent in people.

Thus, this procedure proposes to offer solutions that improve the aesthetics of the clients by introducing specific pigments in the epidermis. This is the outermost layer of the skin, causing the results to be desired for a definite period and not indefinite as in the case of the tattoos of a lifetime. The treatment is done through the use of specific techniques and instruments, both anesthetic creams and balsams to moisturize the treated area. Both in the art of tattooing and micropigmentation, the level of detail is everything.

In order for the procedures to acquire the necessary realism to resemble the natural beauty of people, it requires not only talent, but experience and the right material. It is in this last aspect where DELAB CARE has specialized, designing products specifically for these procedures. Concerned about the health of the skin during and after the micropigmentation treatment, Balm Micro was born. With a range of products adapted to professionals, for the during, as for the final clients, after the treatment.

"Keep it hydrated and protected"

The pigments that adhere to the epidermis during micropigmentation, apart from being specific for these interventions, are very sensitive to the environment. That is why you must take special care during the weeks after the micropigmentición. Hydration is as essential as protection from the sun's rays. The latter have a negative impact on the skin and pigments, causing the color and the overall result to be negatively affected.

The areas where micropigmentation is most practiced in women is in the eyes, eyebrows, lips and chest. The latter as a treatment to provide artificial nipples to operated breasts due to masectomies or surgical treatments where the loss of the nipple occurs.

In the case of men, micropigmentation is carried out to a greater extent on the scalp, simulating very short hair for cases of alopecia, on the eyebrows, lips and on the beard.

The results obtained and the realism of these are surprising. With a good professional and a suitable selection of products, the result is guaranteed.